Conference hall

When it comes to training rooms, seminar rooms and meeting rooms, people often confuse between them because they seem to all fulfill the same purposes. An outside space that is rented for events. But did you know that there is a subtle difference to all of them? Here’s what is different.

1. Size

The size of a training room usually fits around a small class of 20 to 40 people while a meeting room can hold up to 90 people. A seminar room on the other hand, is built wide enough to fit 90 to 120 attendees.

2. Purpose

Training rooms are kept at a reasonably smaller size compared to the rest as the attendees are usually learning highly specialised skills, and so require a lot more attention from the trainer in order to complete the objective, A meeting room on the other hand can be large because it is usually used for corporations for meetings on important business decisions like shares or even AGMs. A seminar room is typically made to house a lot of attendees because seminars are usually open for events or official announcements like openings, for public relations and other related activities.

3. Facilities

Training rooms come with the basic office supplies and refreshments whereas meeting rooms come with refreshments and other assorted snacks as well as decorations. Seminar rooms are typically kept plain with refreshments in another space so as to keep the formal room tidy and formal.

4. Equipment

All rooms are furnished with high tech and up to date equipment, though seminar rooms and meeting rooms are often supplied with more equipment compared to the basic necessities of the training room. This is because the training rooms are usually used for lessons and so require less gadgets than what is already present.

5. Location

Training rooms and meeting rooms are usually located in the hearts of business districts or easily accessible areas so as to facilitate getting to the courses and meeting on time. Seminar rooms however, can be held at different more formal locations so that the people attending can be housed comfortably.

These are the subtle differences between a meeting room, a training room and a seminar room. Now that you are clear on their differing factors, what exactly are your looking to rent?