The elements of a successful training session lies in not only the content, but preparation too. Getting a conducive environment ready is of utmost importance. Here is how you can achieve success in preparing a training room environment with just 5 steps:

1. Details and information

First, get your details right. You need to know where the training course is happening, how many attendants and also how long the training session is. It also helps to know what the course is about so you can gauge the amount of time it will take to cover all course subjects. Once you have gotten the details, you can begin with preparing the little details to guide your trainees to the venue, like printing directions onto visible signboards and keeping a list of trainees that are attending to keep track of who is present.

2. Seating arrangement

Once you have found out how many trainees are attending, you can make use of this information by setting up the appropriate amount of seats and desks in the training room before their arrival. Make sure to arrange it in an easily accessible arrangement while still leaving space for participants and the trainees to walk around for training practices, icebreakers and other activities.

3. Resources

If you’re holding training courses, it’s the norm to offer your trainees something to take back with them, be it in the form of certificates or training notes. Preparing training notes and certificates take quite an amount of time, especially with multiple trainees so take some time beforehand and prepare them in advance. Try to prepare extras too, just in case. If holding the training courses are a regular thing, you can keep those for next time so your preparation work is decreased some.

4. Refreshments

Apart from the training room venue, refreshments should be provided as well. So make sure you have a functional water cooler as well as a pantry section available so trainees can help themselves to drinks to freshen up. It would be good to offer small snacks and tidbits as well.

5. Technical preparation

It’s always good to make sure all technology equipment are functioning well so that there is no delay in the actual training session. Things like computer software, wifi connection, projectors, lighting, air condition, microphones and other assorted equipment should all be set up in advance and tested before the trainees arrive.