Apart from the standard training room rental services, there are other additional services that are rarely discussed. Here are some extra training room services to consider trying out:

1. Catering

Some training room rental services actually double up and offer food catering too. If your training sessions take up long hours, you may want to consider taking on lunch catering or dinner catering apart from the complimentary refreshments as long as the catering fees are reasonable. This way you can make sure your attendees are able to fully focus on your lessons.

2. Preparation

If you have course materials to prepare, some training room rental services actually help with general admin practices or are amenable to print your course materials for you and your training class at additional rates.

3. Set up

Installation and set up services are also available when it comes to training room rental. If you have special and specific equipment to set up, then sometimes installation can bring about additional charges for manpower.

4. Equipment

Some training room rental services actually allow renters to borrow computers for software training courses. But installation and the computers bring about extra charges as well. If it’s a software you are teaching, make sure the computers you rented are up to date. You can request for your trainees to bring their laptops but if they are unable, you can also rent them from the rental services as well.

5. Special Arrangements

Make sure to notify the rental services if you require special arrangements- like making certain areas wheelchair accessible. Putting up blinds for light dimming and other things so that the rental services can either agree and make an arrangement beforehand or you can search for others.

These are 5 additional services that are rarely mentioned, but definitely possible. If you are in need of either of these services, don’t be afraid to ask!

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