training room design

When it comes to conducting training sessions, sometimes the training environment you are in

can have an affect on the presenter as well as students. To facilitate better training and get

better results, consider refreshening up your training room design with these 5 ideas:

1. Colour scheme

As studies have proven, colour evokes different emotions and feelings in individuals when they

are exposed to them. However there are generic colours that are known to elicit feelings of

peacefulness in a great degree of people, like shades of green and grey. Choose a colour

scheme for your training room that improves and boosts creativity as well as focus based on

recommended colour theories.

2. Structure

Design your training room furniture and seating around the curriculum of your training course as

well as your method of teaching. If you fancy interaction, make sure that you can make your

way to all of your trainees by having space in between their seating. For group activities, you

can even separate the seating from the usual even spread to form diagonal shapes and the like.

3. Interactivity

Look at the surroundings of your training room. Are the decorations more of a distraction or a

visual refreshener? Can the trainees be engaged through interaction with these items as well?

Even generic items like potted plants can serve to break up monotony so take a look at the

training room beforehand and discuss what you can bring into the space versus what you can

do without.

4. Facilities

Much like the decorations in your training room, what are the facilities present? Don’t hesitate in

making use of the facilities present by incorporating them into your training course. The more

you can engage audience participation, the more you can retain attention and memory.

5. Themes

Are there any prominent themes or topics covered in your training courses? If there are, you can

make use of association by decorating your training room according to said themes. For

example, if you are teaching a wordpress training course, you can place simplistic coding

ornaments and create a mini game or chose themed colours that are related to WordPress.