We have training rooms that are suitable for your needs. Many people love using our rooms for their purposes. Our training rooms can meet all important criteria of most customers in Singapore. Here are some reasons why people should choose our rooms as the best place for holding their events.

1. Excellent location

A good training room should be located in the right location. Our place is located at the International Plaza (IP) building in Singapore. People don’t have to worry about finding our location. They can find our location without any uncertainties, hassles, and risks of getting lost in Singapore.

When people are planning to rent a training room, they have to consider the location as an important thing. All participants are able to get access to our place as early as possible because they don’t need to look for our training room. IP building is a famous landmark in this country, so many people are able to know the location of our training room easily.

2. Easy to access

Our training room is also very popular for its excellent accessibility. The IP building is located in the CBD in Singapore, so people can get access to this place from many different parts in Singapore.We are located near the Tanjong Pagar MRT station.

It means that all attendees can take the MRT when they are planning to attend some training events in our place. Our place can be accessed by many bus services in Singapore. People don’t have to worry about the rainy days when they want to come to our place. All walking paths from the train or bus station are covered by comfortable shelters.

3. Variety of Restaurants

IP building has some recommended restaurants that are available for all training attendees. People are able to find some of their favorite foods from these outlets. Most of these restaurants usually offer great dishes that are prepared by world-class chefs. There are some traditional Singapore foods that can be found in these restaurants.

This is another reason why many people want to rent our training room. Some people are interested to visit these restaurants during lunch break. People can also visit these dining places after the training session is done. There are many tasty foods that people can get when they have some training sessions in our training room.

4. Located near the shopping centers

We are located in the middle of shopping centers. Many attendees are looking for the best place to shop around in Singapore. Therefore, many people are interested to rent our training room in International Plaza (IP) building. This building has a lot of retail shops that can be visited during the lunch break. People can also visit these small shops after they have meeting in our training room.

They are some benefits that people can get from our place. There are many other advantages that we always offer for our customers. Contact our sales representatives today to book our training room. They will be very happy to help all clients book our training room for any types of meeting or events.