Additional Training Room Services To Consider

Apart from the standard training room rental services, there are other additional services that are rarely discussed. Here are some extra training room services to consider trying out: 1. Catering Some training room rental services actually double up and offer food catering too. If your training sessions take up long hours, you may want to consider taking on lunch catering or dinner catering apart from the complimentary refreshments as long as the catering fees are reasonable. This [...]

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Training Rooms, Seminar Rooms and Meeting Rooms- What’s The Difference?

When it comes to training rooms, seminar rooms and meeting rooms, people often confuse between them because they seem to all fulfill the same purposes. An outside space that is rented for events. But did you know that there is a subtle difference to all of them? Here’s what is different. 1. Size The size of a training room usually fits around a small class of 20 to 40 people while a meeting room can hold up [...]

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Prepare A Training Room Environment In Just 5 Steps

The elements of a successful training session lies in not only the content, but preparation too. Getting a conducive environment ready is of utmost importance. Here is how you can achieve success in preparing a training room environment with just 5 steps: 1. Details and information First, get your details right. You need to know where the training course is happening, how many attendants and also how long the training session is. It also helps to know [...]

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5 Creative Training Room Design Ideas

When it comes to conducting training sessions, sometimes the training environment you are in can have an affect on the presenter as well as students. To facilitate better training and get better results, consider refreshening up your training room design with these 5 ideas: 1. Colour scheme As studies have proven, colour evokes different emotions and feelings in individuals when they are exposed to them. However there are generic colours that are known to elicit feelings of [...]

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10 Marvelous tips for effective training

Training is essential in every workplace. This exercise increases confidence and competence. When employees have these traits, they can motivate each other and increase the safety and productivity in the workplace. All these characteristics can be achieved through an effective training program. Setting up an effective training program is the starting point. Nonetheless, the programs are not free. There are certain tips that one may use to get effective training in Singapore at affordable rates. Here below [...]

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Training Rooms And Venues For Kids

You and your family have been planning your child’s birthday party for several weeks. Νow that the theme’s all set, it’s time to scout out some appropriate venues to accommodate family and friends, ensuring a successful birthday that your child will remember. Skip thе usual pizza place, and look fоr a training room for the venue. Does yоur child see themselves as a Disney character? You can furnish a training room to reflect that. Many training rooms [...]

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5 tips to impress trainees

Every training room must impress its trainees for enhanced productivity, high-quality products and services, greater job satisfaction and better customer satisfaction. An organization that guides its trainees well will be able to retain them for longer and also experience lesser accidents while at the workplace. Also, better training gives the trainees a chance for career advancement. The following are five tips on how to impress your trainees: 1) Personalize your training programs Training rooms should have training [...]

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Role of trainer in the training room

In business situations, trainers have a very specific job to do. It is a key part of their job to understand the tasks at hand and to communicate to the newly hired or newly training staff about the tasks that he or she will perform. Initially, it seems like this would be simple and straightforward. You’ll tell someone how to do something specifically by going over each step. However, there is often more to the process than [...]

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